Tribal Class Destroyers
Snyder & Short is proud to announce the release of our book "Tribal Class Destroyers Camouflage: Colours, Markings & General Details 1939 - 1945." Sixty-seven pages including 50 color plates and over 100 full-color profiles for the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Australian Navy. Colors and markings for armaments and ammunition are included as well as some history of the evolution of Royal Navy concealment patterns.
Naval Paint Chips
Paint Chips Snyder and Short Enterprises is the only manufacturer of naval paint chip sets for the ship modeler. Designed for the ship modeler desiring the greatest accuracy, as well as for the naval historian or maritime artist, these sets of WW2 naval ship paint chips have been carefully matched to actual World War 2 paint chips when available, to the appropriate period standard that was the basis for official paint specifications, or to other sources from the appropriate country. These are actual paint chips, and not printed inks.
Warship and Naval Monographs
Did you know that Snyder & Short also sells books from publishers such as AJ Press, BS Press & Profile Morskie, Chatham Publishing, Classic Warships Publishing, Waldemarand Trojca, and WR Press? We carry all of the titles from these two fine publishers of Warship and Naval reference books. Here you will find these books at 20% off the retail price. Be sure to check out the latest titles in our book section!
Colourcoat Paints
Snyder & Short are also U.S. distributors of White Ensign Model's line of Colourcoat Paints. These paints have been carefully designed to match the Snyder & Short paint chips in both color and flatness. If you want you camouflage schemes to be accurate, be sure to check out the latest colors in this excellent line of paints.
Ship Camouflage is also home to the USN Warship Camouflage website. Here you will find information on camouflage measures for US Warships that served during WWII, as well as official US Navy documentation describing ship painting and camouflage.