Kreigsmarine Set #1


kriegsmarine1.jpg (402667 bytes)kriegsmarine2.jpg (415848 bytes)Designed for the ship modeler as well as for the naval historian or maritime artist, this first Kriegsmarine paint chip set has been carefully matched to RAL color cards or mixed according to documentary sources.  

A caveat about this first Kriegsmarine color set.  We have had to rely on the limited original sources available.  We used research materials generated by Flak Pletscher, the autors Jung/Abendroth/Kelling and their book Anstriche und Tarmanstriche der deutschen Kriegsmarine, second edition, and archival chips and material sent to the RAL Institute by Wilhemshaven.  The colors in the ATDK book are based on an examination of color cards returned to the Bundesarchive by the Russians in the 1990s.  We have used cross-references of the World War 2 colors to the  RAL colors.  All colors were matched to eliminate metamerism and will therefore match the original in any light. 

The Norwegian colors are based on the Dechend memorandum from 1942.  Captain Dechend specified the use of ultramarine, darkened with burnt umber, and cut with vermilion to create blue-gray colors of a dark, medium, and light tone.  He gave reflectance numbers, but not ratios of the pigments. Because there are no known examples of these colors, nor any RAL equivalents, we have mixed representational colors using his formulary.  Without ratios for pigmentation, the best we can do is to approximate these shades.  In practice there were variations; occasionally a touch of green was added.  We felt it necessary to include these approximations as color guides for the period and theater.  Until 1944, Schnellbootweiss was often used on the bow and stern panels.

Finally, German paints emphasized durability and chemical resistance over color fidelity.  The modeler thus has some poetic license when matching colors for his or her models.  

This set contains 20 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

Prewar / Early War Colors:
Hellgrau 50 used on superstructure and upperworks;
Dunkelgrau 51, used on hull
Baltic Scheme Colors:
Hellgrau: used on superstructure and upperworks; 
Mittelgrau: used on hull;
Dunkelgrau: used on bow and stern panels;
Identification stripes were black and white.
Underwater Hull and Boot-topping colors:
Dunkelblaugrau: underwater dark blue gray, also used as an alternative boot topping;
Schiffsbodenfarbe III Rot 5: underwater red;
Schiffsbodenfarbe: an alterate underwater red;
Schiffsbodenfarbe III Grau 1: boot-topping
Norwegian Colors:
Dunkelgrau (Blaugrau, Dunkel): dark blue-gray, 5% reflectance;
Mittelblaugrau (Blaugrau, Mittel): medium blue-gray, 20% reflectance;
Hellblaugrau (Blaugrau, Hell): light blue-gray, similar in tone to Royal Navy AP507C, which is a 45% reflectance.
Other Colors:
Aluminumbronze 16: a metallic paint used on funnel caps;
Dunkelgrau 2;
Deckfarbe Gelb 13: yellow turret tops;
Deckfarbe Rot 7: red turret tops;
Schnellbootweiss: used on S-boats and in camouflage patterns on other vessels;
Rostschutzfarbe Graugrun 12: used on torpedo boats during the 1930s;
Dunkelblau 9.