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United State Naval Warships during WWII

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Measure 21 (1945 Revision)
Graded System

(Source: "Camouflage Instructions - Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Destroyer Escorts, Assigned to the Pacific Fleet." C-S19-7(631) of 26 February, 1945.)

DD-689 USS Wadleigh in 1945 MS 22 Camouflage

Vertical Surfaces:

Apply a horizontal band of Navy Blue (5-NB) or #7 Navy Gray (5-N), if blue not available, to the hull for its entire length and extending from the boottopping to the height of the main deck at its lowest point (on carriers to the level of the hangar deck). Apply Haze Gray (5-H) to all vertical surfaces above that level. In absence of boottopping, extend lower band from light load line.

Horizontal Surfaces:

Apply Deck Gray (20) to decks and other horizontal surfaces exposed to weather.


It should be noted that #7 Navy Gray has been substituted for Navy Blue retaining the same designation (5-N), and Deck Gray (20) has been substituted for Deck Blue (20-B). Countershading is no longer authorized