An online database of camouflage used by 
United State Naval Warships during WWII

Listing of Paints used by the USN During WWII
(from: Instructions for Painting and Cementing Vessels of the United States Navy 1943)

After Pickling Paint   Interior Paint   Interior Paint, Tank Coatings
Kind of Paint Formula Kind of Paint Formula Kind of Paint Formula
Zinc Chromate 84 Submarine, Bilge 46 Black Plastic 90
Zinc Chromate Green 84-G Varnish, Phenolic 80 Gilsonite 92
Zinc Chromate Red 84-R Interior Paint, Deck Phenolic Varnish 93
Exterior Topside Paints Kind of Paint Formula Plastic for Water Tanks 91
Kind of Paint Formula Black 24 White 88
Black, Anchor Chain 45 Gray, Light 20-L White Plastic 89
Black, Deck 24 Green, Dark 19 Interior Paint, Vertical Sides and Overhead
Black, Dull 13 Red 23 Kind of Paint Formula
Blue, Deck 20-B White 20-U Black, Acid Resisting 28
Blue, Navy 5-N Interior Paint,  Machinery, 
and Furniture
Gray, Inside Light 27-L
Blue, Thayer 5-B Kind of Paint Formula Green, Inside Light 31
Cold Plastic, 
Mare Island Formula
146 Series Gray Enamel 30-L White Enamel 30
Flight Deck Marking 22 Interior Paint,  Stains White, Inside 27
Flight Deck Stain 21 Kind of Paint Formula Ship Bottom Paint
Gray, Haze 5-H Cherry 49 Kind of Paint Formula
Gray, Light 5-L Mahogany 50 Anticorrosive 14
Gray, Ocean 5-O Oak, Dark 51 Anticorrosive, Dark Plastic 14-D
Green, Deck 20-G Oak, Light 52 Antifouling-Cold Plastic
Mare Island Series
Green, Haze 5-HG Walnut 54 Antifouling-Cold Plastic
Mare Island Series
Green, Hospital Ship 12 Primers Antifouling-Cold Plastic
Mare Island Series
Green, Navy 5-NG Kind of Paint Formula Antifouling-Cold Plastic
Norfolk Series
Green, Ocean 5-OG Zinc Chromate 84 Antifouling-Hot Plastic 15HP
Green Striping 39 Zinc Chromate, Dark 84-D Copper Paint for Wooden Vessels 16
Red Striping 40 Interior Paint, Striping  
White Enamel 30 Kind of Paint Formula
White, Outside 6 Black 38
Primers Blue 43
Kind of Paint Formula Brown 41
Light Gray
Smoothing Cement
62 Green 39
Oil and Water Stop 63 Red 40
Oil and Water Stop 64 Yellow 42
Oil Stop Compound 65 Coating, Rubber
Red Putty 68 Kind of Paint Formula
Slate Color Putty 67 Rubber Sound Dome
White Putty 69