General Specifications - Appendix 6


Edition of June 1943


Chapter 4. - Finish Coats - 
Exterior - Topsides



Surface Vessels.

Before trials, the vertical surfaces above the upper limit of the boot topping paint shall be painted Haze Gray, formula 5-H, and, in general, horizontal surfaces shall be painted Deck Blue, formula 20-B.

Camouflage. - Certain camouflage measures have been established, and are described in the confidential publication, "Ship Camouflage Instructions" (Short Title: SHIPS-2).  The supervisor of shipbuilding shall ascertain from the prospective commanding officer which camouflage measure is to be applied, in time to permit its application prior to delivery, if possible.

Flight Decks. - Painting of aircraft carrier flight decks shall follow specific instructions from the Bureau of Ships.



Submarines shall have the exterior metal surfaces above the waterline at maximum beam painted with one coat of MI-146 over one coat of the dark zinc chromate primer, formula 84D, and one coat of dark anticorrosive paint, formula 14D.  Wood slat decking shall be painted with two coats of copper bottom paint No. 16 colored black by the addition of one-half pound of dry lampblack per gallon of paint.

Ungalvanized areas within the superstructure and fairwaters and interior of  free-flooding spaces, shall be painted with one coat of black plastic composition, formula 90, over one coat of dark zinc chromate primer, formula 84D, and one coat of anticorrosive paint, formula 14D.

Galvanized areas inside the superstructure and fairwaters and interior of  free-flooding spaces, shall be painted with one coat of dull black paint, formula 13, over one coat of dark zinc chromate primer, formula 84D.


Hospital Ships.

Unless otherwise directed, hospital ships shall receive 2 coats of outside white, formula 6, above limit of the boot-topping paint.  A green 5 foot band (formula 12) shall be painted continuously around the ship with the upper edge parallel to and 5 feet below the sheer line.  Crosses as large as practicable shall be painted with red, formula 40, on each side of the hull amidships, on a horizontal section visible from above, and on the stacks so as to show ahead, astern, and on each side.  The width of the cross stripes will be nearly as possible one-third the length.


District Craft.

Yard and district craft shall be painted as follows:

Self-propelled vessels, torpedo testing barges, water barges.

Vertical Surfaces - Ocean Gray, formula 5-O.
Horizontal Surfaces - Deck Blue, formula 20-B.

Non-self-propelled vessels.

Hull above upper limit of antifouling including decks - Dull Black, formula 13.
Upper Works - Ocean Gray, formula 5-O.


Miscellaneous Items.

Decks. - Metal weather decks, such as the forecastle, gun platforms, and passageways of destroyers, which require a nonskid surface though wet, shall be treated by either of the following methods:

Method I. - Light weight deck covering, Navy Department Specification 52D9, shall be used.

Method II. - 

(a) Apply one coat of varnish, formula 80, over zinc chromate primer.  Sprinkle fine sand over the varnish immediately and dust off when varnish is dry.
(b) Apply two coats of deck paint, formula 20-B.

Waterways shall be painted to agree with camouflage measures for the adjacent deck.

Stacks. - The top of each stack shall have a black band, formula 13, painted to a depth of one-sixth the fore and aft pipe dimension but not to exceed 24 inches, unless camouflage instructions require otherwise.

Foundations. - Inaccessible areas of crane and machinery foundations shall be coated with pigmented rust preventive compound, Navy Department Specification 14C6, Type II.

Life Preservers. - Metallic life preservers shall be unpainted; canvas covers on cork preservers shall be treated with white canvas preservative (Navy Department Specification 52C26) and marked with ship's name or designating number with black formula 38, unless otherwise directed by camouflage instructions.

Canvas. - When required by camouflage instructions, shall be dyed with a preservative (Navy Department Specification 52C26) tinted to the color of the deck blue paint, formula 20-B.

Side Lights. - The inside surfaces of the side light boxes shall be painted, red formula 40, for the port side lights and green, formula 39, for the starboard side lights.

Rigging. - Rigging in way of insulators shall be painted with zinc chromate paint, formula 84D.  Insulators shall be kept entirely free of paint.

Fittings. - Other exterior fittings of wood or metal shall be painted to match the surrounding structure in their stowed position.
The portions of wood masts that are within deckhouses or other enclosures shall be finished to harmonize with the surroundings.  Stains shall not be used, and where filler is needed, it shall be transparent, Navy Department Specifications 52F1.
Wood side ladders (accommodation ladders) and platforms shall be finished in natural wood and varnished, formula 80.  In time of war they shall be painted to match the surrounding structure when stowed.
Frequently handled brightwork metal objects shall normally be left unpainted.
For camouflage purposes, all visible brightwork shall be painted when possible, or glare masked with a dark rust preventive compound.


Lettering and Marking.

Ship's names (plan Bu. Ships No. 51497) shall be painted with outside white No. 6 on black vessels, with black formula 13 on light gray vessels and with gold leaf on white vessels.  When a camouflage measure is applied, names will be painted out.

Draft marks shall be painted with white formula 6 over the underwater painting or black hull, black formula 13 above boot topping over white or gray.

Distinguishing numerals shall be painted white formula 6 on the bow in general accordance with plan Bu. Ships No. 469497.  No letters shall precede the number.
Yard craft shall be marked with letters and number, preceded by "U.S. Navy".



Faying surfaces of armor including butts and seams of side armor normally exposed to salt water shall be given one coat of zinc chromate primer, formula 84.  The outboard side of the shell plating in the way of armor shall be given one touch-up coat and one additional coat of zinc-chromate primer, formula 84, and the spaces between shell and armor filled with such armor backing compound as is required by the Detail Specifications.


Anchor Chain.

Anchor chain shall be painted black, formula 45.


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