Regina Marina Set


Regina_Marina_sheet.jpg (371082 bytes)Designed for the ship modeler desiring the greatest accuracy, as well as for the naval historian or maritime artist, the Regina Marina World War II ship paint chips covers the colors used by Italian Navy surface ships and submarines.  All colors have been matched for us by Dr. Maurizio Brescia to original paint chips. All colors were matched to eliminate metamerism, and will therefore match the original in any light.

This set contains 10 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

Grigio Scuro (Dark Gray)
Grigio Chiaro (Light Gray)
Blu Scuro (Dark Blue)
Azzurro (Light Blue)
Marrone Verdastro (Greenish Dark Brown for Submarines)
Grigio-azzurro chiaro (Light Blue-Gray for Submarines)
Verde Chiaro (Light Green)
Giallo Verde (Light Yellow-Green
Bianco Sporco Opaco (Matt Foul White)
Rosso (Red Forecastle Stripes)