Royal Navy Set 2
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Rn2_1.jpg (346051 bytes)Rn2_2.jpg (356453 bytes)By early 1942 the Royal Navyís use of camouflage was widespread on units of all types. But late 1941 had seen the RNís camouflage section hard at work developing colors and patterns for specific ship, geographic area, and threat types. Patterns were simplified and shapes made larger, and by mid-1942 most smaller ships had repainted in one of the new official schemes. Shortage of some pigments led to the development of new colours in the G and B series, with some of the earlier colors being superseded. Admiralty Disruptive Schemes were now promulgated in light and dark versions. The increased use of radar led in very late 1943 to the development of very simplified camouflage designs which came into use in 1944 and lasted to the end of the war. Disruptive patterns largely disappeared during this period. This set of paint chips covers the colors issued after 1941, In addition, it includes an alternate B5 and B6 from those included in our Royal Navy Set 1; the alternate colors were matched to the original hand-painted camouflage design sheets for HMS Farndale. The set also includes prewar Buff, and a Mountbatten Pink matched to a sample provided by the Royal Navy to the U.S. Navy in 1942, presumably for use on Royal Navy vessels undergoing repair in U.S. shipyards. All colors have been carefully matched to Admiralty-issued paint chips or actual samples from shipsí paint lockers when available, to HMS Farndaleís design sheets, or to the 1929 Munsell Book of Color as specified by noted author, Alan Raven. Modelers are referred to Alan Ravenís ďThe Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-1945 Part III: British Camouflage in World War II,Ē in Plastic Ship Modeler, 1997/1 (Plastic Ship Modeler is published by Daniel H. Jones, P.O. Box 2183, Arvada CO 80001-2183), and to Alan Ravenís upcoming series of books on Royal Navy Camouflage to be published by WR Press and available from Snyder & Short Enterprises.

This set contains 16 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

B5 (HMS Farndale)
B6 (HMS Farndale)
Mountbatten Pink (RN to the USN)
Semtex (Late War)