Royal Navy Set 3
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Designed for the ship modeler, historian, or maritime artist, requiring accuracy of colour, this third set of the Royal Navy covers a variety of subjects.

B55(1943), B30(1943), and B20(1943) are from Admiralty shade cards and are the colour specifications for the 1943 period. The actual colours changed later in the war, but kept the same names. G55 and B40 were also Admiralty colours. G55 was used in late war Western Approaches and some Admiralty Standard schemes in place of B55. Use of B40 is not documented, but we included the colour because it did exist at one time.

We've included three Australian colours. The HMAS Murchison wore two of these on her superstructure and hull. Our Chicago Blue sample is from a paint stick saved by the gentleman who used it to stir the paint.

The Submarine HMS Storm wore a camouflage scheme of two colours. Our samples are from her paint locker.

We have colours used on specific Corvettes. Honeysuckle Blue is a 10% reflectance version of B5, and was used on her and other Corvettes.  HMS Burdock and HMS Alisma wore a Yellow and Blue pattern in the South Atlantic. The colour faded quickly in service, becoming a yellow-tinged, off-white colour.

Rockingham Blue is from the lend-lease four piper. Montgomery Blue-green was created by HMS Montgomery's captain, who ordered Western Approaches Blue and Western Approaches Green mixed together to create a colour he liked.

The last three colours are from the paint lockers of HMS Jamaica, Nigeria, and Arethusa.

All colors have been carefully matched to Admiralty-issued paint chips or actual samples from ships’ paint lockers when available, or to the 1929 Munsell Book of Color as specified by noted author, Alan Raven. Modelers are referred to Alan Raven’s “The Development of Naval Camouflage 1914-1945 Part III: British Camouflage in World War II,” in Plastic Ship Modeler, 1997/1 (Plastic Ship Modeler is published by Daniel H. Jones, P.O. Box 2183, Arvada CO 80001-2183), and to Alan Raven’s series of books on Royal Navy Camouflage published by WR Press and available from Snyder & Short Enterprises.

This set contains 20 chips on two sheets and covers the following colors:

B30 (1943)
B20 (1943)
G45 Neutral Tone
HMAS Murchison Upperworks
HMAS Murchison Hull
Chicago Blue (RAN)
Sub. Storm, Light
Sub. Storm, Dark
Honeysuckle Blue
Burdock Yellow
Burdock Blue
Rockingham Blue
Montgomery Blue-Green
Alternate Western Approaches Blue
Jamaica Hull Panel (1944)
Nigeria MS2
Arethusa Light Mountbatten Pink