Ship Camouflage Instructions
United States Navy
Ships - 2 
Revision 1
Bureau of Ships
September 1941

Table of Contents


Chapter 1.        Introduction

Definition of Ship Camouflage
Scope of  These Instructions
First Revision
Further Revision

Chapter 2.        Camouflage Measures

Camouflage Paint
General Directions Common to All Measures
Measure 9.    Black System
Measure 11.  Sea Blue System
Measure 12.  Graded System
Measure 13.  Haze Gray System
Measure 14.  Ocean Gray System
Wood Decks
Aircraft Carrier Decks
Canvas Covers
White Uniforms
Course Deception by Painted Splotches
Course Deception by Train
Visibility of Wakes
All Ships not Painted Alike
Flexibility of Choice of Camouflage

Chapter 3.        Discussion of Ship Camouflage

Results of Surface Ship Camouflage Experiments
Discussion of Measures 11, 12, 13 and 14
Discussion of Splotch Pattern
Discussion of Measure 9 for Submarines
Discussion of Visibility of a Surface Ship at Sea
Camouflage Paint

Plate 12             Camouflage Colors

Plate 13              Measure 12 Graded System (Battleships)

Plate 14              Measure 12 Graded System  (Aircraft Carriers)

Plate 15              Measure 12 Graded System  (Heavy Cruisers)

Plate 16              Measure 12 Graded System  (Light Cruisers)

Plate 17              Measure 12 Graded System  (Destroyers)

Plate 18              Measure 12 Graded System  (Auxiliaries)

Plate 19              Splotch Patterns