U.S. Navy Set 2
Price: $25.00

usn2_1.jpg (379177 bytes)usn2_2.jpg (359982 bytes)usn2_3.jpg (354653 bytes)The outbreak of World War II found the U.S. Navy totally lacking direction for colors and camouflage patterns for its amphibious forces. Thus with the onset of landing operations at Guadalcanal, forces afloat began painting ships, landing craft, and PT boats subject to inshore operations against a jungle background in a series of greens and browns in largely homemade patterns. In early 1943 these colors were officially revised, then revised again later in the year, based on experience and studies. In 1944, the Navy developed a final set of three greens and a brown to be used by the amphibious and PT forces. This second set of U.S. Navy World War II paint chips offers the full range of greens and browns developed and utilized from 1942 through the end of the war. It also covers the neutral grays developed in late 1944 as a result of a shortage of blue pigment. These neutral grays were used in combination with each other and with the earlier purple-blues. Also included are prewar Mahogany Flight Deck Stain as used on the early carriers LANGLEY, the LEXINGTON and YORKTOWN classes, and WASP; and Mountbatten Pink Dark as used on some USN destroyers.

This set contains 30 chips on three sheets and covers the following colors:

Prewar (1920s - 1930s)

Mahogany Flight 
Deck Stain


Mountbatten Pink (Dark)

Brown 1A   Green 1A
Brown 2A   Green 2A
Brown 3A   Green 3A
Brown 4A   Green 4A

1943 Early Greens

5-HG Haze Green
5-OG Ocean Green
5-NG Navy Green
20-G Deck Green

1943 Revised Greens

5-PG Pale Green
5-LG Light Green
5-HG Haze Green (revised)     
5-OG Ocean Green (revised)
5-NG Navy Green (revised)


#1 Green   #2 Green
#3 Green   #4 Brown

1944-1945 Neutral Grays

#46 Outside Gray         #11 Outside Gray
#37 Light Gray 5-L      #7 Navy Gray 5-N
#27 Haze Gray 5-H     #4 Deck Gray 20
#17 Ocean Gray