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Classic Warships

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Snyder & Short Enterprises is proud to offer the best prices on Classic Warships Publishing books. Payment can be made by Paypal, cash, check, or money order payable to Snyder & Short Enterprises; check ordering form for shipping prices.

Books by Classic Warship Publishing
Classic Warships presents its series of Naval Monographs

Classic Warship Publishing offers exhaustive pictorial histories of US Navy ships incorporating dozens of official Navy Dept. photos and some of the best technical drawings on the market. Each book provides many pages with details of refits, camouflage, and repairs after battles and kamikaze attacks.  Each of our books offers the naval enthusiast, warship fan, and ship modeler a tremendous wealth of information at a low cost. 

Book #34
USN Battleships
in Color
Book #35
class Cruisers
    Book #36
Buchanan Cover
Book #30
IJN Takao
Class Cruisers
Book #31
USS Buchanan
Book #32
South Dakota
Book #33
USS Lexington
Tirpitz Cover Type VII Cover Gato Cover North Carolina Cover
Book #26
Book #27
Type VII U-boats
Book #28
Gato Type
Fleet Submarines
Book #29
North Carolina
Class Battleships
Ticonderoga Cover Italian Cruisers Cover Arleigh Burke Cover
Book #20
HMS Hood
Book #22
USS Ticonderoga
Book #23
Heavy Cruisers
Book #24
Arleigh Burke
Class Destroyers
Wichita Cover Myoko Cover
Book #14
USS Wichita

Book #17
IJN Myoko 
Class CA's

Book #18
USS New Mexico

Book #19
USS Texas Cover USS Omaha Cover
Book #4
USS Texas
Cost: $11.00
Book #6
USN Omaha
Class Cruisers
Book #9
USN Yorktown 
Class CV
Book #10
USN Portland
Class CA
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