Ship Camouflage Instructions
United States Navy
Ships - 2 
Revision 2
Bureau of Ships
June 1942

Camouflage Painting Measures

Measure 14 - Ocean Gray System.


Low visibility to surface observers in bright sunny weather and down-moon on moonlit nights.

High visibility in bright weather to aerial observers at close ranges, but not necessarily so at distant ranges.  Its maximum utility would be against surface observation in areas where sunny weather is common.

Method of Application.

Ocean Gray 5-O

All vertical surfaces except slender pole masts, their yards and slender upper works.

Haze Gray 5-H

Slender pole masts, yards and slender upper works.

Deck Blue 20-B

All decks and other horizontal surfaces which are visible to aerial observers.  Under sides of overhanging horizontal surfaces may be painted with White (5-U) to lighten shadows.


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