Ship Camouflage Instructions
United States Navy
Ships - 2 
Revision 2
Bureau of Ships
June 1942

Table of Contents




Definition of Ship Camouflage
Selection of a Suitable System

Approximate Effectiveness of Camouflage Measures

General Directions for Camouflage Painting

Insignia for Identification

Camouflage Paints

Reflection Factor

Camouflage Painting Measures

Measure 9 Black System for Submarines
Measure 10 Gray System for Submarines
Plate I Submarine Painted with Gray System
Measure 13 Haze Gray System
Plate II Destroyer Tender Painted with Haze Gray System
Measure 14 Ocean Gray System

Plate III

Destroyer DD 356 Painted with Ocean Gray System
Measure 16 Thayer System
Plate IV Destroyer DD 380 Class - Thayer System
Plate V Destroyer DD 384 Class - Thayer System
Plate VI Four Stack Destroyer - Thayer System
Plate VII Patrol Boat PC 471 Class - Thayer System
Plate VIII 110 Foot Submarine Chaser - Thayer System
Plate IX Destroyer DD 421 Class - Thayer System
Plate X Destroyer DD 445 Class - Thayer System
Plate XI Transport AP 21 Class - Thayer System
Plate XII Cargo Ship AK 25 Class - Thayer System
Measure 21 Navy Blue System

Plate XIII

Cruiser CA 26 Class - Navy Blue System
Measure 22 Graded System
Plate XIV Battleship BB 40 Class - Graded System
Plate XV Battleship BB 55 Class - Graded System
Plate XVI Cruiser CA 32 Class - Graded System
Cruiser CL 51 Class - Graded System
Plate XVII Aircraft Carrier CV 2 Class - Graded System

Protective Coloration
Limitations in the Use of Protective Coloration