Ship Camouflage Instructions
United States Navy
Ships - 2 
Revision 2
Bureau of Ships
June 1942

Approximate Effectiveness of 
Camouflage Measures for Surface Ships


Useful for protection against Submarine attack, where aerial observation is a lesser factor.

  1. In northerly waters with much overcast weather and where air attacks are prevalent at night.

    Measure 16 - Thayer System
    Measure 13 - Haze Gray System
  2. In Atlantic or Pacific Coastal waters where weather is generally sunny, visibility is high, and bright moonlight is common at night.

    Measure 14 - Ocean Gray System

Useful where greatest danger is from the air and high surface visibility must be accepted.

Measure 21 - Navy Blue System

Useful for combatant ships operating in areas where greatest danger might be expected from gunnery action either from shore batteries or from enemy surface ships.  Moderately high visibility to aerial observation at close ranges.

Measure 22 - Graded System


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