Ship Camouflage Instructions
United States Navy
Ships - 2 
Revision 2
Bureau of Ships
June 1942

Insignia for Identification


Designating numbers or letters shall be painted on all vessels in the usual locations in white letters two feet high.  They are to be without black shading and on a line parallel with the base line, and when they are replacing larger sizes they are to be painted in the center of the area formerly designated for the numbers or letters.  Wherever insignias are used, it shall be reduced in the same proportion as the numerals.


  1. Wherever designating numbers or letters are now less than two feet high, the smaller size shall be retained for old and new construction.
  2. Motor Torpedo Boats Nos. 71 - 102 shall have black letters or numbers ten inches high.
  3. Letters shall be black for Thayer System.


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