An online database of camouflage used by 
United State Naval Warships during WWII

U.S. Navy Camouflage Database

This is a database of camouflage paint schemes applied to USN ships during the years 1941 to 1945. This list is by no means complete.  We will be adding more ship classes and filling-in the blank spots as information is obtained by us. Special thanks to John Sheridan for doing the initial work on this database. If you have any camouflage information on any of the ships we have missed, please feel free to contribute here.

Benson/Gleaves Class Destroyer USS Hobson (DD-464) wearing a rare MS 17 paint scheme in 1942.

For a complete description of each camouflage measure, be sure to check out our section
describing all USN camouflage measures listed in the Camouflage Measures section of this website.

Mahan Class Destroyer USS Drayton (DD-366) wearing experimental MS 1B (Sapphire Blue) paint scheme in 1941.

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