United States Navy
Ships - 2

Supplement to second revision of Ships-2
March 1943


Measure 31: Dark Pattern System

An ANTIAIRCRAFT measure of approximately 10 to 15 percent reflectance.

Applicable to any type of vessel


Ships painted with this measure have high visibility from submarine observation.


These designs are to provide additional hiding power for vessels from aircraft, especially for small vessels near shore, on jungle rivers, bays, etc.  These designs are of lower visibility to aircraft then the solid dark system, Measure 21.

Although primarily a low visibility measure, this measure has the added advantage of confusing the ship's identity and breaking up the lines of the ship once it has been seen.  Vessels as dark as these have very little course deception.


Colors and patterns are shown on detailed working drawings, some of which are reproduced in the following pages.  All colors are made from  5-TM, 5-GTM, 5-U, and Black.

Dark Blue patterns can be supplied in Measure 31 even though no examples are shown in this supplement.

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