Ship Camouflage Instructions
United States Navy
Ships - 2

Supplement to second revision of Ships-2
March 1943


Table of Contents


Description of new Measures

Guide to Selection


Pattern Layout
Working Drawings
Painting Techniques
Pattern Application
Paint Colors
Paint Mixture Tables

Camouflage Painting Measures

Measure 23: Light Gray System

Plate XVIII Battleship, BB-40 Class


Measure 33: Light Pattern System

Plate XIX Destroyer DD-380 Class
Plate XX  Destroyer DD-598 Class
Plate XXI Three Stack Destroyer
Plate XXII  Cargo Ship EC-2 Class
Plate XXIII Oiler AO-49 Class

Measure 32: Medium Pattern System

Plate XXIV Battleship BB-55 Class
Plate XXV Aircraft Carrier CV-6
Plate XXVI Destroyer DD-380 Class
Plate XXVII Cruiser CA-38 Class
Plate XXVIII Destroyer DD-356 Class
Plate XXVIX Cargo Ship AK-25 Class
Plate XXX Cargo Ship C1-A Class
Plate XXXI Transport AP-21 Class

Measure 31: Dark Pattern System

Plate XXXII Destroyer DD-445 Class
Plate XXXIII 110-Foot Submarine Chaser
Plate XXXIV Coastal Transport (Small) APc Class
Plate XXXV Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier, ACV-26 Class
Plate XXXVI Landing Ship, Tank (LST)
Plate XXXVII Landing Craft, Tank (LCT)
Plate XXXVIII Landing Craft, Infantry (LCI)