United States Navy
Ships - 2

Supplement to second revision of Ships-2
March 1943


Measure 32: Medium Pattern System

An ANTISUBMARINE applicable to any type of vessel.

The patterns resolve to a medium shade between 40 to 50 percent reflectance.


This measure is primarily effective in areas where visibility is generally high and it is impossible to conceal vessels at close ranges no matter how they are painted.  Measure 32 produces deception at close ranges and is of low visibility at those ranges where the patterns resolve to a uniform shade.

Where vessels are detected by radar, visibility is of little importance compared to deception of type and target angle.  Bold contrast is necessary to produce the most marked deception.


Colors and patterns are shown on detailed working drawings, some of which are reproduced in the following pages.  All colors are made from  5-TM, 5-GTM, 5-U, and Black.

Medium Green patterns can be supplied in Measure 32 even though no examples are shown in this supplement.

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